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Cello bow by Emile François OUCHARD .

Cello bow by Emile François OUCHARD.

  • Nickel-silver mounted.
  • Weight: 69.5 g
  • Sold!

Carbonfibre and Pernambouc cello Bow.

A cello bow in carbon and pernambouc. A very good bow for a very good price! It has already seduced many professionals and amateurs cellist. It gives you a nice tone and a nice sound projection.

  • Ebony frog.
  • Nickel-silver mounted.
  • Weight: 80g.
  • Length of the bow: 71.5g.
  • Price: 300 euros.

Carbonfibre cello bow

Carbonfibre cello bow.

  • Ebony Frog.
  • Nickel-silver mounted.
  • weight: 80 g.
  • Length of the bow : 71.5 cm.
  • Price: 126 euros.