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Double bass made by Paul Hilaire.

Double-bass made by Paul Hilaire at Mirecourt France in 1960.

  • Nice and sweet sound, good projection.
  • Set up with a DESPIAU bridge and BELCANTO strings.
  • Comes with a padded black cover.
  • SOLD!

Bass 3/4

Bass 3/4 made by hand.

  • Flat back, neck and ribs in  flamed mapple.
  • Top in a high quality spruce.
  • Fingerboard in ebony.
  • Oil varnish.
  • Set up : Despiau bridge and spirocore string( other string available).
  • Powerful and nice sounding bass!
  • Nice black cover.
  • Price: 3500 euros.


Bass 3/4 made by hand.

  • Top in  a selected spruce.
  • Flat back, side and neck in flame mapple.
  • Fingerboard in ebony.
  • Despiau bridge and Spirocore string.
  • Nice sound.
  • Black cover.
  • Available for rent.
  • Sold!

Bass from a model of Giuseppe Ceruti.

Bass made by hand from a moddel of Giuseppe Ceruti.

  • Top in spruce.
  • Arched back , neck and ribs in  flame mapple
  • Fingerboarrd and tailpiece in ebony.
  • Carbon endpin.
  • Nice and reinforced blue cover.
  • Nice sound .
  • Price:4500 euros.

Jacquet Double-Bass

Gorgeous  flat back double bass from Jacquet (elder brother ), made in Mirecourt  France , middle nineteenth century .

Restored by Julien Bozzolini.

For price or more informations ,please contact me.